Enjoying your pregnancy without suffering from physical or psychological complaints.


Givng birth the way you want to do it, where you want it and with the people you want to be there with you.

That’s what most mothers- to- be would like. But what not everyone succeeds in having. And maybe you’re in that situation at the moment..

What are the most common causes of unpleasant pregnancies and difficult deliveries?


Old trauma

Trauma from an previous pregnancy, a delivery or an unpleasant experience earlier in life can be a negative influence on your pregnancy and the experience of giving birth.



Many pregnant women are afraid of things such as: giving birth and the pain involved, giving birth in hospital, having to deal with health professionals or loosing their baby.



For example if everything will be all right, if your body can cope, if you’ll be a good mother. And much more..



We are unaware of many of our beliefs. But negative subconsious beliefs have huge impact on how a preganacy developes.

The good news is that many of these limitations can be resolved  rather quickly by chanching them on a deep level.

Most women find that after three sessions, most of their complaints have disapeared and that they feel more relaxed and trusting that giving birth will be a positive experience.

Allow yourself to enjoy your pregnancy. And to have a succesful delivery. Book a session  and experience the difference.

What do others say? (in Dutch… sorry!)

Herman Buurman

Within Empado I work as a healer, coach and teacher. I work a lot with mothers- to- be and their partners, but also with people who are experiencing physical or mental problems.
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