About Herman

My name is Herman Buurman. Through my work I support the process of the growing of consciousness of people all around the world as well as the process of gaining mastery.

These are subjects that fascinate me and that have had my attention for many years now. For the last years, my focus has been with the Theta Healing technique, that I find very inspiring, and in which I am a certified instructor.
I also have a huge passion for Non- Violent communication, because it helps to deepen my relations and makes my live more interesting. At the moment, I am in the process of becoming an international certified NVC trainer.

I also have an certificate to offer breathing coaching (following the Hartfocus methode).

Besides my work for Empado I work as a trainer within organisations. And from my background as a business administrator and business coach I help healers, coaches and trainers who want to start or improve their business to get the most out of it (and out of themselves).