Book “Giving Birth”

Book “Giving Birth”

Overcome fears, limiting beliefs and physical discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth with the Theta Healing® technique

In “Giving Birth” you can read about the metaphysical background of many physical and psychological complaints that women can have during and after their pregnancy.

The book gives the reader a unique insight in which subconscious beliefs and “programs” contribute to women suffering from all sorts of pregnancy and birth related complaints. It tells about the metaphysical background of the most common (and some uncommon) pregnancy related issues. The book is written from the perspective of a practitioner of the “Theta Healing technique”.

So, if you are a Theta Healer practitioner and if you are interested in working with pregnant women, their partners and their unborn babies, this book is meant as a guide for you.

It is also helpful if you or your partner is pregnant and you would like to change limiting beliefs in preparation of giving birth. Or simply to enjoy being pregnant more.

“Giving Birth” is also read by professional birth workers who are interested to learn about new possible ways to assist their clients.

“Giving Birth” is written in a way that makes it possible for beginners in Theta Healing to understand and use it.
It is also helpful for students of other healing disciplines because you don’t need to have excessive knowledge of the technique on forehand to be able to get great results in healing yourself and others while using this book.

The book is printed in full colour and enriched with both informative and decorative images.

Which subjects are being covered?


Inside the book you will find information about the most common, and some uncommon, physical and psychological pregnancy and birth related complications and suggestions for belief work to help change them. Click the images below to see the full contents of the book.

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Ordering the book

You can order the book right here. Depending on you preferences you can either buy it for use on your e-reader or you can buy a paper copy, which is probably handier if you are working as a practisoner and would like to scrible in the margins…

Nice to meet you


My name is Herman Buurman. I work as a Theta Healing practitioner and instructor in the Netherlands. In my practise, I have the pleasure of working with pregnant women, their babies and their partners a lot. And next to that, I teach Theta Healing and other things that I am passionate about.

Welcome to my website, thank you for visiting and for your interest in “Giving Birth”, which I hope will provide you with useful insights and knowledge. Be it for your private or for your professional use.

If you have any questions considering the book, or ordering it, please use the app below this text to message me. You can also inquire after the possibility to book a session with me or ask any other questions you might have.