Coaching and healing for mothers to be

You want to enjoy your pregnancy.

But what if you can’t?

Afraid to give birth

Particularly during a second pregnancy, women can be afraid of childbirth.
This is not a subject about which everyone feels comformtable sharing.
And that is unfortunate, because you would then notice that you are not the only one.

This fear often comes from trauma that arose during the first pregnancy. As a result of interventions, incomplete information, poor communication, anxiety among caregivers and / or a partner, pain, disappointing home deliveries and much more.
This list is also quite long and (sadly) these are experiences that we often think are normal. That they belong to giving birth.

That is not surprising, because our image of childbirth is largely determined by drama series, stories in women’s magazines and horror stories that people tell you after you tell them “I am pregnant”.
We have accepted that giving birth is dangerous and difficult. And with that, women lose the chance to turn childbirth into a great and empowering experience

Not every pregnancy is an immediate joy

In fact, many women suffer from complaints during their pregnancy. They suffer from physical or psychological complaints. Most women with complaints do not think their pregnancy is a pleasant experience at all.
It can be stressful, painful, sad and sometimes anxious. Maybe you experience simular feelings and maybe that is why you are now viewing this website.

We believe it’s part of the package

Because you are not the only one. You undoubtedly know women who also had complaints when they were pregnant.
Itch, pelvic pains, swollen legs and feet, memory issues, being over emotional, being unable to eat or keeping food down, the list is long. And it is easy to confirm that it’s just the way it is. discomfort and complaints are a normal part of a pregnancy, right?

It can be different

Maybe this sounds strange, but you couls think of your pregnancy as somethig like a pressure cooker. In a relatively short period of time you are invited to descend very deeply into yourself and to investigate what it is that causes and sustains fears, your pains and your uncertainties.

And you can change all those things. Qs long as you like or until you have no discomforts left and you can give birth free of fear, in a powerful way, just as you and your partner wish it to be. In an equallity based collaboration with medical professionals.

In recent years, I have had the privillige to help many pregnant women and their partners to break free from anxiety, pain and physical discomfort that made it difficult to enjoy their pregnancy and to face childbirth with confidence. Three consultations usually bring about a lot of change.

How does that work?

I believe that everything that manifests itself in our lives is the result of conscious and (especially) unconscious beliefs that we carry with us. It follows that when you trace and change the unconscious beliefs that support manifestations that block you, you also change the unwanted things that manifest themselves in your life. That is possible (and even surprisingly fast) through mediation and visualisation.

What I experience every day in my practice is that many mothers to be are freed from complaints, fears and trauma. And that they can then start to enjoy being pregnant and becoming a mother.

Would you like to be free from complaints, fears and old (childbirth) trauma?

And do you want to really enjoy the rest of your pregnancy?

Let me help you. Book a consultation on the right or feel free to contact me with your questions.

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