Coaching and Healing

Coaching and Healing sessions

You can feel that there is a unique and natural path of life that you can follow, on which your love and talents will blossom.

Nevertheless, you don’t always succeed in following your path to lead the life you wish for. Or you don’t get the results that you are hoping for in a certain are of your life.

Through my coaching and healing work I help you to align the energy of your heart, head and body.
You’ll notice that it’s much easier to feel what is important to you. And that you start doing what truly matters to you with grace and ease. You feel more and more inspired en you put yourself firmly on track.
During a session we work with a combination of techniques, insights an (your and my) wisdom. Our goal is to find what it is that underlies what it is that you struggle with and to change that permanently.

I do so in a reasonably high pace with opportunity to reflection and deepen your self-knowledge.

Most of the time I work with the Theta Healing technique, supplemented with Non- Violent communication and breathing mediations.People from all walks of life come to see me with a very different questions and problems. They can be pregnant and experience problems that are related to pregnancy and giving birth. Or they may have issues in their professional live, with their health or in their love life.

Please feel free to  contact me to inform if I can help you with your specific question.