Coaching for fathers (to be)

Coaching for fathers (to be)

During a pregnancy most of the attention goes to the mother- to- be. Doctors, nurses, midwives, doula’s and obstretists focus their attention primarily on her and secondly on you two as a couple. As her partner you don’t always get the attention that you need.

But you may have questions and issues related to the fact that you will soon be a father, (which is quite a live changing fact. This doesnt make sense to me….I’m not sure what you are trying to say?) It can be very helpful to get the attention that you require.

And if you already are a father it’s possible that you have some issues that you would like to bring some attention to. Maybe you have a need for some space for yourself or because being a father confronts you with aspects of yourself that are “less than perfect”.

If this is recognisable for you, you could consider to book a few sessions to help you solve fears, emotional blocks and/ or trauma that you might have in relation to pregnancy, giving birth and becoming a father. That should give you some air and enable to enter this new phase in your live with more trust and pleasure.

  • Resolving past trauma and beliefs that hold tem back from enjoying being a father and  family live.
  • To change psychological or physical complaints, also not related to becoming a father.
  • To ask questions related to pregnancy and birth..

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