Theta Healing Advanced DNA seminar

The Advanced Seminar

p>If you enjoyed participating in the Theta Healing basic seminar, You will love the advanced seminar!

In this three day seminar you will free yourself from limitations that you still have in connecting to Creator to help you improve your abilities to heal yourself and others..

You will enlarge your theoretical knowledge of Theta Healing. Your practical abilities will evolve as well, because you work a lot with yourself and others during the seminar.

The subjects that are adessed during the seminar are:

• The awakened masters.
• Liberation of oaths and vows.
• Deepening your knowledge of the seven planes of existence.
• How to use the planes of existence to perform healings.
• Searching and finding the bottom belief within yourself and others.
• Dissolving fears.
• Changing feelings.
• Free floating memories.
• Healing the baby in the womb.
• Healing the broken soul..
• Clearing an organic material.
• Communicating with the higher self..

During the Theta Healing advance seminar you will receive personal and group healings. There is plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

You can join in on The Theta Healing advanced seminar if you have completed the basic seminar.

Participating in the Theta Healing Advanced seminar costa 450,- There is no additional VAT.

Seminars usually take place in Doornenburg, the Netherlands.