The Game of Life

Game of life is a three day course for Theta Healers who are also entrepreneurs.

The training has been developed to help you to feel more freedom in your role as an entrepreneur, to attract more customers and earn more money.

During the course we work on issues that you may have considering your relation to customers, abundance, what you (subconsciously) believe about your products and services. Along with how you feel about work in general.

Game of Life affects your private life as well. Many entrepreneurs cannot get the most out of themselves because they feel restrained by the people around them. That’s why we also work on your relationships with certain (groups of) people such as: family, the government, your friends and others.

How can this program help improve your life?
Game of Life helped me personally by enlarging my turnover by 15%. It made a differnece to the choices I made regarding the way that I conducted my business. It stimulated me to start working as a business coach, along side the work that I do in my practise. Something I had dreamt about for a long time.

Clients that took part in this course reported that they were able to find new customers much easier. That they attracted customers that they had a better connection with.

Generally, they felt more free to engage in contact with others and that they could easily express what they really wanted, and to move forward with their vision and achieve their goals and desires. 

When is the next course?

You can partake in Game of Life if you have completed the Theta Healing Dig Deeper course.

How much does it cost?

Joining the Dig Deeper course requiresan investment in yourself of 450,- Euros. There is no VAT.

Where does the course take place?
Courses usually take place in the Netherlands. If you would like me to offer this course in an area of your liking, you can contact me.

rainingen vinden meestal plaats in Doornenburg, omgeving Arnhem- Nijmegen. Als de training ergens anders plaatsheeft staat dit vermeld in de agenda

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