Improve your relationship in just one day

If you’re in an intimate relationship with someone, you quickly develop behavioral patterns that help you and your partner to maintain the relationship.

Some of these patterns are pleasant for yourself and supportive for the quality of your relationship. But often patterns arise that might help to maintain the relationship. But that do not help you to be happy yourself.

For example, you might notice that you often don’t say things to your partner. Or that you regularly do things that you don’t really enjoy or wholeheartedly support. Or that you say things to the other person, that cause him or her to feel angry or sad. Or maybe your partner often says things that you find hurtful.

It is not easy to maintain a high quality of connection
During the initial stages of a relationship it’s easy. Because you are both in love, it is easy to accept the behavior of the other person you are not happy with. But after a while, when the first infatuation begins to diminish, you come to the point that it is no longer pleasant to be confronted with it. At those times it is often difficult to be honest about what bothers you and still maintain a warm bond with each other.

People are different. What is normal and acceptable behavior for one person can evoke uncomfortable feelings within another. It is not always easy to explain that without the other person being offended or feeling insecure.

And it is also not always possible to fully understand what is alive in your partner on a deeper level.
Most people have not learned how to truly listen to their partner (or themselves). We usually observe others through the filter of our own feelings and judgments.
You might recognize that your partner is saying something to you that triggers you. And that from that moment on you no longer hear anything he or she is saying. You feel overwhelmed, angry, or maybe sad. And that’s where all your attention goes.
This happens a lot between couples. And that contributes to the experience of alienation and feeling lonely in a relationship.

This also contributes to misunderstanding, tension and irritation
If you do not fully understand each other; and if you are touched in a negative way by what the other person says, misunderstanding, tensions and irritations arise. If that lasts for a bit, it usually results in  quarrels and sometimes the end of a relationship.

You may currently be in a relationship that does not go as well as you would like
That does not necessarily mean that you are fighting all the time.  Maybe it’s just that you have a longing to deepen your connection but you find that there are emotions and discomforts blocking you. Learning certain new communication skills will help you overcome your difficulties and help you deepen your bond, within a day.

And perhaps your relationship is in the stage that you are stuck in behavioral patterns that lessen the quality of your contact. You may experience more discomfort in your contact than you want. And maybe you want to change that.

If you want to experience more understanding, connection, fun and intimacy in your relationship.  And if you would like to do that in a safe, fast and effective way, Then this one-day course is very enriching for you and your partner.

This course will improve the quality of your relationship directly and tangibly.
It will bring you and your partner closer together. And it will help you to understand, see and hear each other better.

It only takes one day
That day starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Then you have iprovede communication skills that are a source of depth for the rest of your life together.

It is not very expensive either
The investment in the one-day private course is 580, – Euro for two people. That is less than you pay for a holiday weekend. And you’ll enjoy it far longer.

Would you like to have a private course in your own home? Then the investment is 680, – Euro (within the Netherlands).

Contact me in advance
It is advisable to contact me before you decide to take this course. Together we can map out your request for help and learning needs. And determine whether this course suits you

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