The Theta Healing Basic Seminar

the basic seminar you learn how to develop en apply your intuitive talents to realise mental and psychological healing. With this you can heal yourself as well as your friends and family.

Theta Healing is a versatile technique. Below are some subjects that are addressed during the Theta Healing:

  • The power of words and thoughts.
  • Communication between the cells in your body.
  • Electromagnetic fields.
  • Intuitive ablillities.
  • ”Reading” a client.
  • Principles of a healing.
  • The healing technique
  • Resolving your (subconscious) beliefs.
  • Changing limiting belief within.
  • Working with guardian angles.
  • Attracting your soulmate.
  • Manifesting with the 7th plane of existence.
  • Perform readings of the future.

There is ample possibility for you individual learning process and your questions.

During this three day seminar you work with yourself an d others. Afterwards you can choose to develop yourself further by practising with others. If you enjoy this work you can follow several advanced courses.

What are the costs?

Participating in the Theta Healing basic seminar requires an investment in yourself of 450,- Euros. This amount is free from VAT.

Where is it?

Usually, seminars are offered in Doornenburg, the Netherlands. But I am open to offering the seminar on a different location.
Contact me if you have a wish to follow the seminar on a location of your choosing.

Is there a possibillity to stay overnight?

There are several B and B’s close to the location where the seminar is held. You can contact me for more information on this.

Send me a message to enroll in the seminar or to ask your questions.