Theta Healing®

What is Theta Healing..Theta Healing is a meditation and visualization technique that is used for personal growth, awareness and the healing of mental and physical complaints.

The technique was created (and is being developed) by Vianna Stibal. She started about 20 years ago after she noticed that a malignant tumor disappeared into her leg by the (coincidental) application of meditation and visualization.
She then focused on understanding and using that form of meditation until she was asked if she wanted to teach it to others.

Currently, some 600,000 people worldwide are registered as “Theta Healer”. They are able to work with themselves and / or others with this technique.

In short, Theta Healing works is as follows: the person who practices Theta Healing energetically connects with the person receiving the healing. This is done through a process of meditation and visualization.

The practitioner also makes contact with “the Source”, the “Creative Force” or “God” (depending on how you choose you call the creative power we are part of).

In allignment with the person who receives the healing, and using the “Energy of the Creator” convictions that affect that person will change. This is also done through meditation and visualization.

As a result of Theta Healing session, complaints can partially or completely dissapear.

I’m not completely sure about that yet. Maybe it’s through the power of suggestion. Or because there is a cosmic law that states that everything we decide and observe in ourselves exists.

The result of the second assumption is that if a practitioner of Theta Healing (through visualization and meditation) perceives that something changes in another, it therefore has actually changed.

There are also people who can explain this by means of quantum physical theories . I find that very interesting and I think it is an excellent explanation. But I won’t repeat that information here.

I experience Theta Healing as particularly effective. It helps to map quickly and without much hassle what you (or my clients) struggle with at a deep level. And I think that is a relief in itself. You do not need hours of coaching or therapy sessions to get to the roots of your problem and gain awareness.

In my opinion, awareness is an essential part of every process of healing and personal growth.

Then the core or root of the problem could be: old trauma or limiting beliefs. Often they are convictions that you did not even know you had; but which have a big impact on your life. Theta Healing enables you to changes these core beliefs quickly.

If the core of your problem has changed, the overlaying problem no longer has a need to exist. This quickly gives a feeling of peace, liberation, acceptance and a deeper contact with “the Life Steam”.

As a bonus, your physical sensations change. Complaints dissolve or decrease considerably.

Yes, and I think that is another advantage of Theta Healing. You can learn it and you can apply it quickly.

I taught this technique to teachers, housewives, trainers, midwives. To all kinds of people with all kinds of (also religious) backgrounds.
It is a great addition to the toolbox of people who work in the regular health circuit. Because it brings people the core of their problems so quickly.

The training for Theta Healers is structured into separate modules (which we call seminars or training courses). New seminars are still regularly developed.

You start with the Basic Course, then do the Advanced Course and then “Dig Deeper”. Then there are several options that I do not describe here. You can look for an overview at:

You decide where and when and with what instructor you follow a course. They are offered all over the world.

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